How to Level Your Bed on Your Voxelab Aquila?

How to Level Your Bed on Your Voxelab Aquila?

You must level your bed. The word level is used incorrectly in the 3D printing community, and I will continue here, though the proper term is tramming. You do NOT need a bubble level to do this and it does not really matter if your machine is exactly level. What this means is; You want the nozzle to be the same height/distance from the glass surface of the bed, in all 4 corners and in the center. This is what the 4 large nuts under the bed are used for. You need to level the bed when the bed is at 60 degrees and the hotend is at 200 degrees. The basics are this. Heat bed and hotend using the menu on the lcd. Now on the lcd select Control Auto home. This will home the printer to zero for x y and z. Then select control Disable steppers.

Now you need to level all for corners and the center. Use a piece of paper. Put the paper between the nozzle and the bed in the first corner. The paper should be just lightly rubbing on the nozzle and bed. If it does not rub at all, you need to loosen the knob at the first corner to push the bed closer to the nozzle. If you can not get paper between the nozzle and the bed, you need to tighten the knob to pull the glass away from the nozzle. Repeat this until the first corner is perfect. Now move the bed and the hotend carriage and do the remaining corners the same. When all for corners are done, move bed and hotend to the center and check level there. You may have to do all 4 corners 2 or 3 times, because the adjustments interact with each other. This takes time and is the HARDEST part for a beginner, but this is also the most IMPORTANT step. If you do not do this correctly, your prints WILL fail.

This video made from Fedor can show you the easy steps to level your bed.

Once the above is done, try printing an object from the SD card. You should notice that the 1st layer needs to be on the glass, not a a round cylinder, but it should be squished, making the top a bit flat. Reference the above link, you may need to use the zoffset in the lcd tune menu to move the nozzle closer or farther from the bed to get the perfect 1st layer.

Thanks Bruce for providing the useful tips! Thanks Fedor for making this great video!

N9JCV williams

Bruce is the moderator of subreddit r/VoxelabAquila. 8 years of experience in building and using 3D printers.

Fedor Sosnin

Fedor is the manager of YouTube channel 3DPrintSOS.

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